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Ellen Bisig

Ellen Bisig

Web Coordinator

My name is Ellen Bisig. I've been a part of the dynamic Kägi team in this traditional Toggenburg company that makes the delicious chocolate wafers since November 2008. Due to the birth of my son, I've been in a part-time position since August 2013 and I'm thrilled to be able to combine my job with my family commitments.

My responsibilities include the management of the website of Kägi Söhne AG as well as the compilation of the company’s newsletter. My work is varied and interesting. In addition to complete on-going monitoring, it's also part of my job to integrate new interesting elements into the website. And that requires appraisals to be carried out regularly. We'd like our website to inform lots of visitors about our delectable Kägi products, as well as keep them abreast of all the latest news and happenings to do with the delicious wafer. To achieve this, I work closely with our team.

I appreciate the many different skills I have acquired to complete my work, since there is a host of openings in the online sector. What's more, Kägi Söhne AG is an employer who places importance on the welfare of its employees and is also prepared to provide concrete support here.

It's very enjoyable to work at Kägi. The wafers are the best there is and, no matter where you go – everyone knows about Kägi!