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Daniel Becker

Becker Daniel

Shift Supervisor

Hello, my name is Daniel Becker, I began work at Kägi Söhne AG as a production line manager in May 2009. I have been a shift supervisor since the start of 2013. However, from time to time I am still deployed as production line manager, which I like and which makes a nice change. I might then be in charge of the Kägi, Kägi mini or Alpine cookie production line or the individual packing of Alpine cookies, depending on what's needed.

My job as shift supervisor largely consists of making sure that processes run smoothly. There are many important aspects to it. At the beginning of the day, it’s very important to plan well and prepare the various orders to make sure everything is ready and we can move smoothly from one order to the next. I am responsible for the very high quality of Kägi products, from the chocolate coating (couverture) to the end packaging. That includes carrying out checks and tastings, taking note of the appearance, taste, smell, feeling in the mouth etc. Once the product reaches the final packaging stage, it must be checked again.

I like my work very much. As I say, it’s very varied and presents me with new challenges every day. It is also important to me that I'm in constant contact with fellow employees and I would miss that. The company supports me with further training and in this way opens new doors for me. I have been passionate about our products since I was a little boy, so I now count myself lucky to be a member of the "Kägi family" and play a part in its success.